DataAmp by Ascendix is a new B2B data entry tool for Salesforce®. DataAmp connects your CRM to one of the leading market intelligence databases, InsideView®, to streamline Accurate, Simple, and Affordable data entry for effective prospecting.

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Don't let data entry slow you down.

Download DataAmp today to start streamlining your strategic prospecting process. Enrich existing records or Import new records from InsideView. Control your budget with DataAmp's pay per record plan.

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Where does the data come from?

DataAmp is powered by InsideView®, a market leader in B2B data with one of the most accurate databases.

What size business do I need to be?

You can be a single-user to a large entity to benefit from DataAmp.

How much does DataAmp cost?

DataAmp is free to download. After installation, just use our On Demand option: $0.65* per Enrichment and $0.85* per Import.

What's the difference between Enrich and Import?